KOYA Launches Years of Loong XO Brandy in Southwest China

On March 20th, Chinese premium brandy producer KOYA has unveiled the latest product in its icon Zodiac Sign, the Year of Loong KOYA XO 2024 in southwest China.

Under the leadership of Mr. Zhou Hongjiang, chairman of Changyu Pioneer Wine Company LTD., the representatives of Chateau Koya and dealers from southwest China witnessed the release of the Year of Loong KOYA XO 2024.

The latest brandy, which was made by the winemakers team led by Mrs. Zhang Baochun, chief brandy master & China spirit master, originally aged in Chinese oak barrels for the first time.

Koya Zodiac XO has a strong body, fully expresses the Chinese traditional culture and Chinese flavor, reflects the spirit of the animal of “dragon” through its unique taste and aroma , giving the restrained brandy nobility, energy and elegance.

The XO is extremely smooth and soft in the mouth, structured and powerful on the palate, with a long and pleasant aftertaste. It brings a very comfortable sense of strength , has the characteristics of the zodiac dragon.

The porcelain bottle, designed and hand crafted by Chateau Koya and Yong Feng Yuan, a century-old ceramic maufacturer , is noble and elegant. The brandy is produced in minute quantities--only 9999 bottles worldwide and available in 700ml and 5000ml sizes, which provides consumers with more choices. Each bottle has a unique collection number and collection certificate, with a high collection and investment value.It is the first choice for gifts and personal collection. 

As the leader of high-end brandy in China , Koya has developed strongly in recent years. The launch of zodiac brandy series is another powerful practice of art and value through traditional culture. The XO was launched in southwest China to exchange and integrate with the local culture, further strengthening the high-end brand image of Koya.