Chateau KOYA has six sets of traditional French Charentais Pot Stills. All of them are manufactured by the French Chalvignac Prulho Company, renowned for its long-standing expertise and quality. KOYA is one of the chateaux who own the most Charentais Pot Stills in the world.


Chateau KOYA has implemented the first digital control system of pot distillation in China, able to monitor more than 10000 distillation data. Distillers can precisely control and carefully adjust the distilling speed, temperature, time, and heating degree in a digitalized way, to keep the characteristic components in the “eau de vie” in an optimal proportion.


In order to gain the finest aroma in the raw brandy, each distillation process at Chateau KOYA requires 13 major processes, taking 30 hours to complete.


Separating the “head” and “tail” fractions from the purest "heart" of the distillate, it requires 10 kg of grapes to distill one litre of raw brandy.


The cellar at Chateau KOYA stores many reserve brandies of various age, with the oldest dating back to the 1960s. These rare treasures are stored in “Dames-Jeanne” glass containers, being reserved for blending into the highest quality of brandies.


Changyu brandy accounts for more than 96 % of domestic brandy market share in China.