Master Distiller

The Chateau is managed by Mrs. Zhang Baochun, Changyu’s longstanding Master Distiller, responsible for all brandies at this prestigious house. Mrs. Zhang Baochun is the mastermind behind the quality and style of KOYA and is somewhat of a living legend in China. In her 30-year career in brandy distilling, Zhang Baochun combined both tradition and innovation to create a set of high-end brandy technology research systems and achieved ultimate expertise in the brandy distilling process. In 2019, she was the first and only female ever to be awarded “Chief Brandy Master in China” by China Alcoholic Drinks Association.

Mrs. Zhang’s proficiency and care for details is legendary in Asia. Being asked for the core of her philosophy, she said: “An excellent distiller is like a conductor. Balancing all factors in place is the highest goal. Only this can ensure that the brandy produced has perfect quality.”