KOYA is produced at the state-of-the-art chateau bearing its name, owned by Changyu Pioneer Company. It is located on the Shandong peninsula, outside the beautiful city of Yantai, surrounded by the East China Sea. This area is the historical centre of viticulture in China, benefitting from its moderate and maritime climate conditions. Chateau KOYA is surrounded by 60 ha of vineyards planted with the classic Cognac grape variety Ugni Blanc. The first brandy chateau in China, Changyu invested 200 Million Yuan (ca. 26 million Euro) to build it in 2012. The chateau has adopted the European Romanesque architectural style and covers an area of more than two hectares. The brandy is distilled with traditional Charentais pot stills and copper Alambics Armagnacais. The impressive courtyard-shaped underground ageing cellar is equipped with French barrels, exclusively from finest Limousin oak.