In 1892, Zhang Bishi founded Changyu Company, China’s oldest wine and brandy producer. Implementing the know-how of his consultant, the Austro-Hungarian Baron von Babo, Zhang Bishi soon became pioneer of high-end winemaking and distilling in Asia.

In 1914, the first barrel of brandy produced by Changyu was officially released to the market.

In 1915, the government of the Republic of China appointed Zhang Bishi as the head of the Chinese America Industrial Tour Delegation and led the delegation to participate in the Panama-Pacific International Exposition (San Francisco World Expo) held in San Francisco. The brandy exhibited by Changyu won the first-class medal, the highest award given at the Expo.

In 1954, Prime Minister Zhou Enlai travelled to the Geneva Conference, bringing Changyu Brandy with him to enjoy it with the other leaders of the world. This was the start of the so-called “Diplomacy of fine Brandy”, making Changyu’s brandy popular at state banquets and a coveted gift amongst diplomatic circles.

In the 2015 Concours Mondial de Bruxelles spirit competition, KOYA XO brandy achieved a Gold Medal, it stood out from 1397 spirits from 44 countries and regions.

In 2018, KOYA XO 10 Years won the iF DESIGN AWARD, one of the world's most celebrated and valued design competitions. In the same year, and KOYA XO 15 Years was awarded at PENTAWARDS 2018 in Luxury Packaging Design.

In 2019, KOYA XO won a blind tasting against equivalent products of major Cognac Brands, organized by the renowned The Drinks Business Magazine at PROWEIN fair.